Out of control


Anyday can taste special when
we are together

We turned The Whopper into an irresistible and sweet flame-grilled sensation: The Chocolate Whopper, and launched it on social media. But… it was April 1st, so it never happened. Even so, people couldn’t handle it, even after knowing it was a prank. Many begged for Burger King to release it, while others made their own versions. Fake news made real news around the world as The Chocolate Whopper left half of the world with their mouths watering.


Agency: David São Paulo / Role: Art Director / with Juan Mendoza (CW), Rogério Chaves (CD), Fabrício Pretto (CD), Edgard Gianesi (ECD), Renata Leão (ECD) + Mondelēz + MediaMonks